martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

I would kill for this kitchen, you would kill for this kitchen, everybody kills for this kitchen!


4 comentarios:

  1. Tell me about it! I could definitely become a murderer for a kitchen like this!!(not really but you get my point right hahahah)
    Oh how I love vintage! Soooooo I understand your passion for it hahaha! Amazing photo it’s definitely inspiration to me one day my home will look just like that lol! ( I hope lol!)

    Thanks for visiting darling♥

  2. Oh and I love your Last post on Johnny Cash LOVE HIM♥♥! SOOOOOOOO Much♥

    you have great taste in music toooo!

  3. Matar no, lo siguiente! Me encantan los electrodomésticos SMEG! Yo necesito una cocina como esas!!
    Y Mrs and Mr! No le falta detalle!!
    Felicidades again por tu blog!